"Apartment speaker Lisa Trosien's experience and knowledge in multifamily housing is seen through every topic she addresses. Captivating her audience with her talent for speaking and her flare in winning the hearts of any type of audience, her motivational and teaching skills are a rare combination in our industry. Lisa Trosien has a unique approach in delivering her message enabling the apartment speaker to connect with her audience with ease. She delivers a wealth of knowledge through her speeches covering all kinds of issues within the industry and if you are lucky enough to have listened to her speeches already, you already know that whenever Lisa speaks, her listeners never leave empty handed."

Julie Smith
President, The Bozzuto Group

"Lisa Trosien has this desire to share what she knows about the apartment industry and she does it in such a witty manner. Being a frequent apartment speaker, she never fails to share her insights about current challenges faced by apartment professionals while teaching better business practices and new techniques at the same time. Lisa is absolutely amazing but what makes Lisa special is her deep understanding of current and future problems that property management professionals are facing or may face. With a great understanding of what industry professionals need to learn. Whether they are leasing consultants or property owners, Lisa provides tools, training and knowledge without holding anything back.

For the past years, the apartment speaker has been a frequent presenter at the RealPage Technology Conference. Attended by over 400 industry professionals yearly, Lisa makes sure that she delivers fresh content every time. One notable session is "How the Web Can Improve the Life of a Property Management Professional". Her other materials favorite by many property owners are "How to Get Control of Your Life", "Expectation Inflation: How Residents Expect To Be Treated By Apartment Communities" and "What Has Changed Since September 11."

Andrea Massey
Vice President of Marketing, RealPage

"Apartment expert and speaker Lisa Trosien is REAL! Lisa is as real as it gets. Most humble person I've met, energetic and interactive in her presentations. She could win over any group at any time making her programs a favorite among industry professionals like me. Her programs boast a wealth of knowledge that is up-to-date and applicable to the industry’s current challenges. To my staff, Lisa is a star!"

Sandy Avery
R.W. Day & Associates, 225-7009-5408

"I had a hard time getting prospects through the World Wide Web before but when I heard apartment speaker Lisa Trosien's material, I was able to learn effective tips regarding online marketing and website development. Thank you Lisa for sharing your expertise to the industry by making use of the web as a leasing medium."

Jane H. Fullwood
Director of Education, Atlanta Apartment Association

"Apartment speaker extraordinaire Lisa Trosien is a respected consultant on subjects regarding the apartment industry. We have used the industry expert on presentations about new technical know-how and techniques that can be used by our management group. Lisa is a very capable speaker. She can speak to any type of audience and has the talent in presenting fresh insight on both old and new challenges we face in the business. Lisa Trosien truly brings great value to her material."

Bob Landis
President, Lane Company

"I make sure to never miss any of Lisa’s presentations. I know that attending the apartment speaker’s seminars will give me useful information about the newest trends in the industry. Lisa is an authority when it comes to multifamily housing and her insights are supported by case studies and reliable references. A credible speaker, Lisa is always prepared during seminars and imparts a great deal of knowledge making her an indispensable personality in our industry. The awe-inspiring response from Lisa’s sessions is outstanding and this is a notch higher than excellent. As of right now, we are doing our homework by researching new trends and implementing the new ideas we have learned from Lisa’s materials. Thank you so much!"

Brenda Coons
Director of Marketing and Revenue Management, Edward Rose Companies

"Hire our Mommy. She works very, very hard and she is super, super smart too!"

Jenna Trosien, 9, and Macie Trosien, 7
(Lisa's daughters)