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If you're not asking prospective renters to lease from you when they visit your office you're not only doing yourself a disservice; you're doing THEM a disservice.Time is valuable. When is the last time you had an abundance of spare time? I'm guessing you can't remember a time like that. So, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. They've taken the time to view your property (either online or in print), they've quite possibly contacted you ahead of time  to either clarify any questions they had, find out your hours or to make an appointment; and they've take the additional time to visit your property. They've put forth time and effort to learn more about your community. And you disrespect them by *not* asking them to lease? What's up with that, anyway? Assume the sale - they wouldn't be in your office if they weren't sincerely interested in living at your community. Here's the exception to that old rule regarding the word 'assume'.  
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    Lisa Trosien's experience and her widespread knowledge in the multi-family housing industry comes through in every subject that she addresses. She captivates her audience with her fast-paced, unique and very witty approach. Her ability to motivate while she educates is a rare combination in our industry. She takes a very personal approach to delivering her message which enables her to connect with each and every participant in the audience.

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    The Bozzuto Group

    Providing quality speaking presentations, innovative and results driven consulting as well as keynotes, educational programming and more for your multfamily organization. With 20+ years of experience in virtually every different property and demographic, I'd love to work with you and your company. Additionally, I work a great deal on the vendor side of the industry, helping your sales team understand the multifamily industry.

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    Hiring a consultant or marketer for your multifamily property is a serious step because it involves a great deal of investment time-wise and money-wise. Companies that would like to get the most from their investment in a multifamily trainer should hire Apartment All Stars co-founder Lisa Trosien.

    Lisa Trosien, a performance coach in the apartment industry, has been writing in her apartment blog for years. With over 20 years of experience, Lisa has been speaking to thousands of people about cutting edge solutions for property management. The apartment leasing expert covers everything from basic leasing to advanced methodologies that can be applied for the improvement of companies or properties. This includes Generational Selling, Apartment Consulting, Apartment Management, and Apartment Marketing among others. With Lisa Trosien's degree in education, the industry professional guarantees that her courses are easily understood and tailored to fit your company's objectives. The curriculum offered by Trosien was reviewed with painstaking detail to challenge leasing professionals without losing them midway. Through her great delivery and witty speeches, this apartment speaker does not fail to interact with her audience, leaving the group highly motivated and wanting to learn more. For more information on Lisa Trosien's courses, you may click here.

    An expert in apartment consulting and marketing, Lisa is the best professional to help you improve the performance of your assets. She can provide you with an action plan on how to implement effective solutions, and her leasing training leaves nothing to be desired.

    Whether you are looking to market online or want to improve collateral materials in your property, Lisa is the apartment industry consultant to call. Apart from her being a contributor to many publications geared towards multifamily housing, the apartment trainer also works as a creative director for different companies. She can produce dynamic brochures, head your advertising campaigns and make your website produce more profit for you and your company.